Hao Youlai Suanla Fen


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Hao Youlai Suanla Fen

With a few stalls dispersed all over the city, including the very central Jiefangbei, this local chain serves one of the local food staples: hot and sour noodles. For those who might find it too spicy, there is always the glutinous rice cake – served cold – to diminish the effect of the chilli oil.


As a branch of Sichuan cuisine, the one of Chongqing is known to have chili pepper and bean paste as two of its key dish ingredients. There are many different types of flavors, but the predominant one is the numbingly spicy. Chongqing is the hometown of hotpot, a continuously simmering spicy broth, in which the diners cook an assortment of meat and vegetables themselves. Restaurants are usually open until 10:00pm.