Café Gijón


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Café Gijón

Café Gijón is a famous café and Spanish restaurant that has been a fixture on Madrid's main boulevard since its establishment in 1888. In the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, the café became a gathering place for the country's most celebrated intellectuals, writers, and artists. Over the years, Café Gijón has attracted many famous visitors, including Hollywood stars like Ava Gardner, Orson Welles, and Truman Capote, as well as foreign writers who found inspiration in the café's vibrant atmosphere. Today, Café Gijón remains a beloved cultural institution, steeped in history and tradition, and whose walls are adorned with illustrations and poems created by some of the most illustrious names in Spanish literature and art.


Spanish coffee culture is a social and animated affair. Café con leche (coffee with milk) usually accompanies breakfast, preferably with a croissant. Around mid-day, especially after a meal, locals have an espresso, café solo, or a cortado, which is an espresso with milk. Café Americano is what some would call watered-down versions of the first two coffees. In the afternoon, or after dinner, order a café solo corto, a strong espresso, or a carajillo — a café solo with Spanish brandy.