Café Manuela


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Café Manuela

Café Manuela looks like something straight out of the 1930s, with an elegant art nouveau look and picture-perfect decor. It is immensely popular not only for its wonderful coffee, regional wines and food–ranging from tapas to cakes–but also because of the ample selection of board games visitors can enjoy as they eat and drink.


Spanish coffee culture is a social and animated affair. Café con leche (coffee with milk) usually accompanies breakfast, preferably with a croissant. Around mid-day, especially after a meal, locals have an espresso, café solo, or a cortado, which is an espresso with milk. Café Americano is what some would call watered-down versions of the first two coffees. In the afternoon, or after dinner, order a café solo corto, a strong espresso, or a carajillo — a café solo with Spanish brandy.