Chocolatería San Ginés


Copyright: Oscar Nord/Unsplash
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Chocolatería San Ginés

Founded in 1894, Chocolatería San Ginés is Madrid’s oldest and most famous chocolate cafe. Be sure to try a (typically very thick) hot chocolate with some churros. San Ginés is open 365 days a year, 24/7, which means that you could stumble upon several revellers after a night out if you happen to visit the café around 4 am. For a quintessential Madrid experience, this is definitely a must-visit.


Spanish coffee culture is a social and animated affair. Café con leche (coffee with milk) usually accompanies breakfast, preferably with a croissant. Around mid-day, especially after a meal, locals have an espresso, café solo, or a cortado, which is an espresso with milk. Café Americano is what some would call watered-down versions of the first two coffees. In the afternoon, or after dinner, order a café solo corto, a strong espresso, or a carajillo — a café solo with Spanish brandy.