National Museum of Romanticism


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National Museum of Romanticism

The neoclassical-style former palace of the Marquis of Matallana, erected in 1776, is home to a captivating assembly of 19th-century artworks, furnishings, and decorative objects that capture the essence of Madrid's cultural, political, and everyday life of that era. Its collection provides a glimpse into the lavish lifestyles of wealthy individuals during that period. The exhibition includes pieces by renowned artists such as Goya, Esquivel, Madrazo, Alenza, and the Bécquer brothers. In addition, visitors can marvel at ceramics from Sargadelos and Sèvres, exquisite jewellery crafted from ebonite, lava, and human hair, a selection of porcelain dolls, as well as several pianos and pieces of imperial and Isabelline furniture. The Magnolia Garden, styled after the French gardens of the 18th century, is one of the most enchanting parts of this exceptional museum.

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