Sobrino de Botín


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Sobrino de Botín

Sobrino de Botín is a restaurant that epitomizes the label "classic" in every sense. Established in 1725, Botín holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the world. Notably, Francisco de Goya, the famous artist, worked here as a waiter while awaiting admission to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The cuisine served here is classically Spanish, with two standout dishes: Piglets and Roasted Lambs. It's worth mentioning that the Roast Suckling Pig is even referenced in a novel by Hemingway.


Madrid's gastronomy is a fusion of the diverse culinary traditions found throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Some experts even debate whether Madrid has a unique culinary identity of its own, given its blend of various regional styles. The city's food culture has been enriched by migrants from different parts of Spain and across the globe, including Andalucia, Galicia, Asturias, and beyond.