Centro Comercial Príncipe Pío


Copyright: Tiia Monto/Wikimedia Commons
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Centro Comercial Príncipe Pío

The Príncipe Pío shopping mall is located in a unique venue: the former train station Estación del Norte. This alone upgrades your shopping experience as you browse through their multiple retail stores or enjoy leisure activities.


In Madrid, there are three primary shopping districts: Centro, which spans the area between Puerta del Sol and Gran Vía; Chueca, located directly north and east of Centro; and Salamanca, situated a bit further to the east. Each of these areas offers a distinct shopping experience, particularly in terms of the range of products available. Centro offers a middle-of-the-road shopping experience, while Chueca caters to trendy shoppers seeking the latest styles. On the other hand, Salamanca features expensive designer fashion labels, making it the go-to destination for luxury shopping.