Gordon Highlanders Museum


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Gordon Highlanders Museum

Explore the history of one of the British Army’s most celebrated regiments, the Gordon Highlanders Infantry, which was raised in the late 18th century. The museum features the finest of the regiment’s treasures, special exhibitions and the chance for children to dress up in a Gordon Highlanders uniform. The museum is surrounded by a beautiful and tranquil park, open to visitors and also hosts a shop and a tea room.

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Visitors to Aberdeen love to wander through the streets admiring the unique granite edifices and taking in the historical sights like King's College, St. Machar's Cathedral, Marischal College and the Kirk of St. Nicholas Uniting. But there is also plenty in the way of attractions, museums, parks and gardens, and of course, there are numerous fairy tale castles and historic distilleries within easy reach of the city which should not be missed.